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Spinach with poached egg

Spinach with poached egg

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I peeled the vegetables and seeds and seeds, then washed them well.

I grated the carrot and finely chopped the onion and pepper.

I added the vegetables to the pot, I added the oil, then I pressed the MENU button, I set the FRY program for 5 minutes and I pressed START.

In the last minute of frying, I quenched the vegetables with 100 ml of water and the diced tomatoes, and after the program was over, I mixed the contents with the help of a vertical blender.

I reintroduced the blender sauce and the frozen spinach in the pot, I tasted it with salt and paprika, then I set the STEW program and the time 20 min.

During this time I laid eggs in water, salt and vinegar one by one.

After finishing the program, I disconnected the appliance and served each portion of spinach with poached egg.

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