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Beans rubbed with polenta

Beans rubbed with polenta

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This "traditional" bean was rubbed with a wooden spoon for objective reasons: the robot failed. Was this tastier?

  • 500 gr small white beans
  • 2-3 onions
  • 1 leek
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 100 ml oil
  • 1 red paper knife tip
  • 20 dogs make Malay

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Rubbed beans with polenta:

Choose the beans from the impurities, wash them well and leave them to soak in warm water for a few hours.

Boil 1 hour in plenty of salted water [about four times the amount of beans] in the pressure cooker. Remove the lid and allow the water to drain.

Rub a bean with a wooden spoon until it becomes like a cream.

Fry the julienned onions and leeks in oil, add a little water, salt, paprika and bring to a boil.

Make a polenta from two cups of cornmeal.

Serve the rubbed beans next to the hot polenta, with the onion and leek sauce.

My favorite pickles are good accompaniments to this food. I had pickled donuts.

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For the preparation of the rubbed beans, the best grains are the white and very small ones [like dried peas].


I didn't know either, but I learned in the market. It is worth the effort to buy beans from the peasant market.

Recipe (fasting): Rubbed or beaten beans

  • 500 gr dried beans
  • 2 onions
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 tablespoon paprika
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • salt
  • pepper
  • sunflower oil

Put the beans in cold water for a few hours (this makes it easier to boil).

Boil the beans together with the onion, carrot and bay leaves in salted water as needed (about an hour, an hour and a half, depending on the beans).

After it has boiled, remove the vegetables and bay leaves, then strain it, but still keep a cup of the water in which it boiled. The boiled beans are mixed with the blender, or with the food processor or, for those who have patience and strength, with the wooden spoon.

Heat oil in a saucepan with one finger and harden the other julienned onion until it becomes glassy and begins to brown. Then add the paprika, stir quickly and remove from the heat.
Remove the onion from the pot.
Over the beans, add the remaining oil and mix until smooth, then season with salt and pepper, then add the finely chopped garlic cloves. If you find it too thick, you can add the remaining water.
Put hardened onions over the beans and serve with sauerkraut or any pickle you want. And those who do not fast can serve it with some delicious sausages.

Outlaw chickens with polenta

Outlaw chickens with m & # 259m & # 259ligu & # 539 & # 259 it is a recipe from the picturesque Bucovina, with a new taste, like in grandparents. It is a dish that is part of the traditional Romanian cuisine, a tasty and well-cooked food. The Romanian foods have a special, unmistakable flavor, which you will enjoy from the first time.
stuffed (musai with a m & # 259m & # 259ligu & # 539 & # 259), bulz, p & acircine & icircn cas & # 259, cozonac, vegetable soups or soups with pork, beef, chicken and soups with t & # 259 # 259ie & # 539ei de cas & # 259 sau g & # 259lu & # 537te, zacusca, m & acircncarea de quince cu sau f & # 259r & # 259 carne, martyrs muntene & # 537ti, martyrs moldovene & # 537ti, cabbage a la Cluj, iahnie de fasole & # 537i many other dishes are just a few traditional Romanian recipes.
Istoria buc & # 259t & # 259riei rom & acircne & # 537ti it is closely intertwined with the history and its geographical position. It is an amalgam of Balkan cuisine and Central European cuisine. Boron and vegetable crops represent the influences of the south and the east. Pilaful, ciulamaua, toc & # 259ni & # 539a, musacaua, ghiveciul, zacusca, etc. shows contact with the Greeks, Bulgarians and Turks.

Photo: Outlaw chickens with m & # 259m & # 259ligu & # 539 & # 259 & ndash Archive & # 259 Burda Rom & acircnia

& Icirc & # 539i must:
1 chicken of about 1 kg
100 ml oil
4-5 ro & # 537ii well cooked
1 glass is preferably white
100 g sm & acircnt & acircn & # 259
1 tbsp & # 539 & # 259 f & # 259in & # 259
p & # 259trunjel verde
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Wash the chicken & # 537i & icircl por & # 539ionezi. & Icircl prepare with salt & # 537i & icircl grease with oil. Place the tray in a pan greased with oil and place the tray in the preheated oven over medium heat. After 15 minutes, sprinkle the pieces with wine. Continue to cook over medium heat, periodically removing the trays and sprinkling the pieces with the sauce formed in the tray.
During this time, peel the tomatoes, cut them thinly and, as far as possible, clean them of seeds. When the chicken is ready, remove it from the pan and drain the sauce into a bowl. Mix the sauce from the pan with the flour, sour cream, salt and pepper to taste. Simmer over low heat for about 10 minutes, then add the boiled tomatoes.
Put the meat on a plate and place the sauce on top of the pieces. Sprinkle the finely chopped greens on top of the green and serve with a handkerchief.

Preparation 15 minutes Bake 50 minutes
Re & # 539et & # 259 by Irodiea Pantelemon, Suceava

Eggplant stew with polenta

1. Eggplants are washed, cleaned and cut into slices up to 1 cm thick. Place on a wooden chopper and sprinkle with coarse salt. Leave to drain for half an hour, then pass through a stream of water and boil for 2-3 minutes. Remove from boiling water and set aside.

2. Separately, fry the chopped onion. Add diced carrots and celery, finely chopped garlic, sliced ​​peppers and donuts and eggplant. Stir gently and simmer for 4-5 minutes. Then pour hot water, just enough to cover all the vegetables and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Add the peeled and diced tomatoes and cook for another 10 minutes. Match to taste with salt, pepper and green parsley and pour into a baking dish, which is placed in the hot oven over low heat.

3. For the polenta, boil a liter of water. When it boils, add the cornmeal in the rain, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. Let it boil for 20-25 minutes, then add half of the butter and the grated permezan, mixing well. Remove the polenta from the heat and, with a tablespoon, take small portions that are placed in the stew pan. Sprinkle the remaining butter over the polenta and bake for 10-15 minutes. Serve immediately.

Beans with smoked sausage and polenta

add sausages and heat

then boiled beans, boiled juice, broth or peeled tomatoes, bay leaves, salt, pepper, thyme, parsley

Boil, lightly anesthetize to thicken the sauce by partially farming the beans,
Serve with polenta

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so I die when I see this picture I would eat the screen :)), I do what I do and I keep coming back to this post :))))

I do it too, today I also got some gaby sausages & # 8230 but in vain sausages so good as yours from the picture I don't have: ((((

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& # 8211 Latest recipes & # 8211

If you want a warm and comforting dish, this recipe for mushrooms with garlic and polenta garnish is perfect. Mushrooms are a healthy alternative to meat, and polenta will help you cope better with the cold outside. Here are the steps you need to follow for this preparation!

Ingredients for mushrooms with garlic and polenta:

3 cups with mushrooms of your choice, sliced ​​if larger
4 sliced ​​garlic cloves
4 tablespoons butter, melted
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons dried sage or 1/4 tablespoon fresh sage
coarse salt
freshly ground black pepper

6 cups of water
2 teaspoons salt
1 3/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese to serve

5 steps to prepare mushrooms with garlic and polenta:

1. Preheat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius. Add the mushrooms and garlic to a frying pan with a frame. Cover these ingredients with melted butter and olive oil. Season with salt, freshly ground black pepper and sage.

2. Leave the mushrooms in the oven for about 20 minutes or until they soften and turn golden.

3. While the mushrooms are being left in the oven, prepare the polenta. Add 6 cups of water to a large saucepan to boil. Add 2 teaspoons of salt. When the water starts to boil, gradually add the cornmeal, in the rain, and stir constantly, to avoid the formation of lumps.

4. Reduce heat to low and simmer, stirring often with a wooden spoon, until the mixture thickens and the cornmeal is simmered for about 15 minutes. Turn off the heat, add the butter and mix well until it melts.

5. Serve the polenta immediately with the garlic mushrooms and the sauce formed in the baking tray, together with the freshly grated Parmesan cheese, sprinkled on top.

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Rubbed beans. Fasting food.

Tanti Mariana is the owner of the house where I live. We live in the same yard, in different buildings. Last night, Aunt Mariana came up with a full-eyed jug of rubbed beans, made in a combination of styles. That is, the beans were picked, left to soak overnight, boiled for an hour in one water and another hour in another water, with onion, thyme and garlic then put in a blender and turned into a paste with a little oil.

In Transylvania, in some areas (in the yard area where Aunt Mariana lives, of course), the beans rubbed with a & # 8222pârgălaș & # 8221 are added, that is, with a spoonful of large chopped onions, soaked over low heat, in oil. I think this bastard, though tasty, is dying, so I'm avoiding him. Instead, I put a drop of olive oil and some greens over the rubbed beans.

I'm sorry I wasn't present when this bean was made but I think (I hope) that the description helped you get an idea of ​​how to proceed to get the results from the photos. You can also make this dish with canned beans. Put with it in the bowl, if you like, a pinch of salt and half a clove of crushed garlic.

And because I mentioned garlic, I tell you this: when I smell the garlic rubbed on freshly toasted bread, I am again four and a half years old, I am in my grandparents' house in Firiza and I receive breakfast: pita bread with garlic and butter pork, with hot tea or fresh milk. And it's ok.

Tastes are not discussed?

Two days ago I scalded the tip of my tongue with hot soup. I was hungry and reckless, I was in a restaurant, on a road break and I had no time to waste (by the way, dear restaurateurs, the soup is not served scalded). Only today did I begin to feel the tastes with the tip of my tongue again. It happens, there have been accidents (I won't tell you how I passed a thorn in my tongue 14-15 years ago, you will lose the last bit of respect for me), there were periods of gustatory unavailability. If I hadn't had the worries I had, if I hadn't loved food so much and if I hadn't been so in love with tastes and flavors, maybe I wouldn't have given so much importance to the incident. I wondered what my life would be like without a sense of taste. It would be sadder, of course. And I would probably lose a lot of weight because without taste, the food can sit next to me a lot and well, I'm not hungry so often.

In light of my new worries, but also because I was invited to participate in the reflection on the importance of taste in making choices, I come up with some questions that I invite you to answer, they would be useful to me and I bet they would be useful also to those who, like me, do not appreciate things at their true value unless they are at hand:

What does "tasty food" mean to you? What is the taste that delights you the most? Are there tastes that transport you, take you back to your childhood or to places you liked? What does love taste like (I know I'm lying here but I don't think it hurts to try)? How important is taste when making a choice?

So much for today, we're going to talk these days about taste. Until then, I will be grateful for the answers and I promise to reward you with tasty food recipes. And to eliminate from the start the questions that are not related to those in the above group, I tell you that I will use the things I will learn from you in an exchange of ideas generated by Ciuc. I team up with Teo, a stand-up comedian and a man of humanity. You will read more on this topic. Stay healthy.

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I think that taste is learned, for example I didn't have many sweets as a child and so I ended up not being attracted to cakes in order to eat them, I admire them only from an artistic point of view. Instead, if I feel like something, and there is something I like, it's salty foods. In addition, our cravings are also given by the deficiencies felt by the brain, the body & # 8211 we crave sweets or salt depending on what minerals we lack in the body, depending on the stress to which the brain is subjected, when we exercise and sweat we really feel the need to eat something to replace what we lost through sweating, women have certain cravings that compensate / balance hormonal changes, etc & # 8230
I stretched out like a grandmother :))
What does "tasty food" mean to you? = Flavors, beautiful service, atmosphere
What is the taste that delights you the most? = salty, for example cheese with mold
Are there tastes that transport you, take you back to your childhood or to places you liked? = bread with butter transports me as a child
What does love taste like (I know I'm lying here but I don't think it hurts to try)? = champagne with berries

thank you:). we have to do something with you, the cheese with mold is an explosion of flavors but your salty taste has remained in your memory :).

I did not go into detail and you are right, it is an explosion of flavors & # 8230 are defective :)

well, you're not defective :). but that doesn't mean you don't need repairs in terms of & # 8222mould cheese & # 8221 :))

Baked meat over low heat with a little oil and a lot of parsley and hot buns, and & # 8221 one shape of many names & # 8221 has a sweet-sour taste :).

The taste of McDonald's doesn't disappoint you wherever you go, it stays the same :)
And now let's be serious, what I've enjoyed in recent days is toast, with cream cheese and smoked salmon, & # 8222 sprinkled & # 8221 then with a little house wine, a little sour & # 8230 a kind of & # 8222proseco & # 8221, which reminds me of a proseco wine, drunk in Italy, at a festival, somewhere in the country, in a kind of commune-village, where I served a rissoto with seafood, prawns & # 8230
I think the food that takes me as a child is meatballs, with mashed potatoes and tomato sauce.
And as a dessert, I would gladly serve a pudding with semolina + apples + burnt sugar (the bowl in which it is made turns upside down, and the caramelized apples will be on top, I guess you know the picture).

mcdonalds taste disappointed me at first but taste is their last problem

I am fascinated by the taste of dumpling soup. It's my favorite dish and in general traditional soups are my favorites. The green gives the soups an extraordinary aroma and seems to touch your soul :).
And I agree with you. Soups are not served hot. I can't enjoy all the flavors, taste and smell of food if it's hot.

For me, a tasty food is what makes me eat it slowly, without haste the new feature nowadays. To enjoy each piece separately. It doesn't matter much whether it has a specific ingredient or a dessert or a main course.
My favorite taste is of a & # 8222coulant au chocolat & # 8221 with vanilla ice cream next to: D
I know it may sound superficial, but the taste that carries me as a child is the bread with butter and salt & # 8230
I don't know if love has a certain taste, it is certain that everyone feels it differently. It is said that chocolate is the "taste of love" but some do not see it that way.
When I'm at a restaurant and I have to choose a dish, I try to imagine what it might taste like depending on the ingredients mentioned in the menu. That's why I think it's VERY important to mention the ingredients (and maybe how to prepare them) in a restaurant menu.
I have to mention something & # 8230 besides the taste felt in the taste buds, the smell is also extremely important. My father had no smell and it was extremely difficult for him to appreciate the taste of a food. Many times I refuse to eat something just because it doesn't smell good to me.

bread with butter and salt is perfect. if it weren't so late, I'd make a slice :)

Hmm & # 8230when I think of my childhood I think first of my grandparents (of cheese donuts, kisses), I think of the bread with bacon, cheese and tomatoes that we all eat at the end of a day of work in the field (me in As a child, my parents forced me, for example, to go to harvest corn).

have you been to hay? I was, hard :).

yes yes, bread with bacon and onions eaten in the field with a hoe, hay, picking potatoes, beetroot, etc. and I would also add the meat kept in grease, the lychee with plums, the salad juice with polenta, the hot sponges fried on the stove and the pita greased with buffalo cream and plum jam & # 8230 mama what goodness :))

and let's not forget: love for me tastes like strong and aromatic coffee

One thing is for sure, what is good is fat.

What does "tasty food" mean to you? which you try to break down mentally into ingredients so you can try it at home (if it's from the restaurant).
What is the taste that delights you the most? = grilled bacon. It's the only form of fatty meat I eat, but I eat it with such pleasure & # 8230 woe to my papillae.
Are there tastes that transport you, take you back to your childhood or to places you liked? = As a child, he sent me semolina with milk .. there are also scovergile with country cheese, cheeses .. and Christmas cake with apples and chocolate ..
What does love taste like? = Most of the time it's burnt sugar cream.

I am a salty and spicy eater. And I like the food a little hot, so strong sensations sir :)
Nothing really takes me as a child because I don't know who cooks what in my family, but I love an aroma that makes me remember a trip, I made for example a few days ago a Provencal style tone, all day m -I felt as if I had just returned from France: D

sabrina, I'm still sorry I came back from France :)

What does "tasty food" mean to you? & # 8211 Mix of flavors, appearance, company & # 8230Food that brings a smile to your lips :)
What is the taste that delights you the most? & # 8211 A combination of sweet and sour and spicy.
Are there tastes that transport you, take you back to your childhood or to places you liked? & # 8211 Sure, from the mother's milk and cinnamon rice to the wine shells served in Bruges.
What does love taste like? & # 8211 Chilly! :))
How important is taste when making a choice? & # 8211 It is very important! But for me in the first place is the aspect of the food I choose.

ioana, I would be happy to have the opportunity to demolish this building based on your appearance :) (important, otherwise)

Taste is something important, so important that the French created an Institute of Taste,,
with the primary purpose of education. Primary school children are taken there to learn the tastes.
But to answer your questions:
& # 8211 What does a tasty meal mean? Um, of course, there isn't a single answer. Theoretically, the food is tasty when all the ingredients and spices combine harmoniously. Basically, it's the food we like, even if we can't always say why.
& # 8211 my favorite taste & # 8230 are more. Overall, I appreciate the combinations of tastes and flavors.
& # 8211 I often associate a taste with a certain time, place or event. I'm not just talking about childhood butter bread or grandma's cakes (like & # 8222gold dumplings & # 8221). But I always discover new tastes, some very interesting, such as the bitter-smoked taste of Lapsang Suchong tea several years ago.
& # 8211 The taste of love? It's already another discussion.

lucia, I'm waiting for a book from you about the taste of love :)

Any candy is to my taste :). But the correlation between smell and taste is very important. A while ago I saw a documentary on this topic and it shocked me how much of what we think about taste is actually smell. All the spices of the earth would not make delicious food if we did not smell.

I, being a being who perceives aromas of all kinds very distinct, especially olfactory, do not eat anything if I do not like how it smells. In this case, you imagine that everything relates to & # 8222mmm-what-smells-good-I-want-to-taste & # 8221: P
So don't be surprised by my answers: P

1. What does "tasty food" mean to you? & # 8211 Various, fragrant, preferably well seasoned, which will leave me with eternal memories. Appearance doesn't (too) matter & # 8211 see Palak paneer from Indigo & # 8211 looks awkward, tastes heavenly :)

2. What is the taste that delights you the most? & # 8211 Without a doubt, the cheese one. ANY way, with small exceptions: those urda cheeses & # 8211 only go in pies.

3. Are there tastes that transport you, take you back to childhood or to places you liked? & # 8211
But of course. As a child I return with bread soaked in milk or a cold slice of polenta, which is smeared with plum jam and on top is placed a slice of salted kneaded cheese: D Strange, I know, but for my taste buds there is nothing more explosive : D
And I go back to the places I liked, for example, when I soak a piece of feta in olive oil (ah, Ellada ...) or when I put in front of me a bowl of clay with polenta with cheese and sausages (ah, Sighet & # 8230)

4. What does love taste like? & # 8211 Hot mushrooms stuffed with cheese and grilled :)

5. How important is taste when making a choice? & # 8211 Very! But it comes in second place by smell :)

Oh and to answer the rest of the questions, because it took my breath away :), the taste of childhood is a combination of fat cow's milk from my grandmother and the first banana I ever ate. Love tastes like chocolate & # 8211 I think this has been scientifically proven :).

When it comes to tasty food, it has to be balanced, I don't think there is anything I can't eat, if it's cooked the way it was thought, I don't care, instead how decorated the plate is (that doesn't mean support the grill thrown on the puree with puree, or worse the juice from the steak). Tastes that transport me in the past, pfffffff, everything I know how to cook has to do with the past, I make a trip every day, sometimes I'm amused (when I make ice cream I remember how on the first try, I poured a bottle of rum in it and m -I got drunk with my summer -14 years old-) sometimes I'm anxious (when I work with burnt sugar, because in an attempt to make candy on my stick, I stuck my surrogate to the hot lollipop, to my lip) sometimes I feel safe (when I eat anything with boiled potatoes in the shell, because that was what my mother gave me whenever I was sick and I couldn't swallow anything else) ah and another kind of nostalgia, when I eat (because it's still the season) pork sausages, fried on a stick, in the embers I remember my grandfather and his hunting stories. I can't taste love but I can say that I know what that gastric orgasm is and daaaaaaa, it's like in those commercials with voluptuous ladies who eat chocolate. I'm not saying what caused me such a reaction repeatedly, I just ate on the street and I certainly looked either crazy or drunk.

For me, 50% of the way the food looks (50% taste: P) is important. Many times I didn't eat something because I didn't like the way it looked on the plate.
As for the tastes, I like the basil flavor the most, be it in pasta sauces or on a chicken grill.
I can tell you that when I feel the taste of curry I think of the UK, because that's where I first ate a dish that had this spice (it's spice, right?)

it's a mix of spices, it can be a mix of green plants or stew. but you didn't do anything wrong :)

I 'm more insensitive, so strong tastes are appealing to me. I like everything very fragrant (and sweet and salty and bitter, less sour hard) and especially the hot stuff. For me, Indian food, traditionally with many mixed flavors, is a dream.
what does childhood taste like ?? it has several tastes: toast with bellows cheese and tea with lemon, or bread with melted cheese, smoked bacon and mustard, also with tea. or the holiday cake, greased with butter (rare rarity) and eaten with a cup of hot chocolate, with whipped cream - this is the dream breakfast.
love? it smells rather than tastes. of course, the odorless taste does not exist. but I would not know to say exactly what smell has & # 8230 depends on the condition: sometimes it is a very masculine smell, other times a delicate and feminine one, always more bitter than sweet :-))

Q: What does "tasty food" mean to you?
A: I could only answer you if you blindfolded me, otherwise, the first impression of taste is made visually, then olfactory. The tasty food starts with an appetizing look, to make you want to stick the fork in it.

Q: What is your favorite taste?
A: Taste like taste, but when I smell hot bread, fresh out of a real fire oven (not electric!) & # 8230 Anyway, like Sanda (who was answering your questions at 8 in the morning! Pfiii.) I prefer. salted. In fact, is there an equivalent in our country? & # 8211 any food, only sweet not to be.

Q: Are there tastes that transport you, take you back to your childhood or to places you liked?
A: Yes, more.
1. Toast on cast iron stove on the stove, then rubbed with a clove of garlic, put butter and coarse salt = my grandfather who prepared this for me at breakfast when I had nothing else to eat and the bread was sold with half a bagel by the bad aunts from the store (who gave me the smaller half and the larger half to the neighbor with whom she was gossiping at the corner of the block during breaks)

2. halves of water onion stuffed with bellows cheese = dad, with whom we went on random trips around the country (the two of us and Zambilica & # 8211 our heroine Dacia) and we stopped completely randomly next to a stream, we played badmington until we fell wide , I was asleep, and when I woke up, my father had prepared the meal: he was handing me & # 8216barcute & # 8217 of onions stuffed with bellows cheese from Augustin (his native village between Brasov and Sighisoara).

3. But what I miss most is the taste and smell of a croquette eaten once at sea, with my mother and father, when I don't think I was more than 4-5 years old, and which I have never met since then, although I've been looking for him for almost 30 years. Sometimes I feel a similar smell on the street, or even at sea when I walk, and I instantly become an innocent child again, without worries, walking on the hot sand, held by my mother and father. The difference is that, in retrospect, this time I know I was happy then.

Q: What does love taste like?
A: Love has no taste, but smell :)

For me, taste is very important. for example the taste of fresh chicken snacks that melt in your mouth (then I melt with pleasure) or zacusca with a yummy combination: P only salivate when I think & # 8230 when I was little on an alley near the school was a bakery and I always smelled fresh bread that on warm days, when I kept the class windows open, that aroma penetrated the classroom and I could not wait for the break to come to have a little bagel and to indulge in warm bread. I also love cream cakes, I like to take a piece of cake and simply let it melt in my mouth, especially the chocolate ones. as for the taste of love, I don't know what to say. I have often heard the expression "love goes through the stomach". I would like it: D because I like food and I wouldn't complain about having a little cook at my disposal because it's very difficult for me to decide what to eat every day.

Today's bakeries are no longer mirps like those of childhood. sin.

I'm a gourmand (not an eater) from head to toe so if my taste, smell, sight, hearing & # 8230 were to go bad, I'd lose weight badly, because I wouldn't be attracted to anything and I wouldn't even cook anymore, all the joy of the symphony of flavors, tastes and colors would go in millions of combinations.
There are tastes that remind me of childhood or adolescence, of certain places or people (well, less and less because either the people have disappeared or the food no longer manages in any way to have that natural, authentic taste from the 2nd millennium) . On the other hand, for me at least, the memory of the smell is the most important, the strongest and the oldest. And there is no taste without smell. I always smell what I am going to eat or cook.
What does Love taste like? Well, for me it has, metaphorically speaking, the taste of a young semi-dry rosé wine, and physically the taste and smell of my new-born boyfriend.
What tastes do I prefer? Definitely the salty one to the detriment of the sweet one. I like dry and semi-dry wine, I love cheeses (ALL) especially blue mold cheese (which goes very well with wine and more), I like spicy food, I like meat, especially veal and how much less heat treated, I like raw-smoked salmon fillets (lachs), I like pickles in brine, I like kefir / sana & # 8211 only when I find a variant that reminds me of the years & # 821780. I like the taste of garden tomatoes, peppers (hot, fatty, capy, red, yellow, small, large & # 8230), eggplant, bananas, peaches and very cold watermelon.
I like a food carefully cooked, with passion and love, with vivid chromatic, aromatic and beautifully served, in a pleasant atmosphere. I like novelty, diversity.
I stop here, because otherwise I never finish: D

What does "tasty food" mean to you?
When I call a tasty food it means that it is good, it is spiced correctly, I would choose it in conditions where I would not know what to cook / order. A food that is more than tasty, that is also intelligent and that I am talking about must be presented in a unique way (either to have a sophisticated decor, or the decor in which you serve it to be something else, like a sheepfold), must have tastes hidden things that you don't think about as soon as you see it and that make you want to cook it yourself or make you think about what you would have put in place of an ingredient and how it would have been influenced.
What is the taste that delights you the most?
If the question refers to the 5 or 7 tastes, because it is not clear to me how many they are, I would say salty.
Are there tastes that transport you, take you back to your childhood or to places you liked?
Yes:) Blackberries, strawberries, raspberries like grandparents. Fresh milk. Calcan from a cherhana in Mangalia unmatched no matter how hard I tried.
What does love taste like (I know I'm lying here but I don't think it hurts to try)?
A food made leisurely, when you have in mind the person you love, and where you prove your skill, has the taste of love.
How important is taste when making a choice?
Very. All the time in my house there is a lot of cheese and moldy and not moldy, a lot of spices and I document almost every food I cook.

so we're mice. It's the same for me.

Mancarurile care imi amintesc de copilarie – cremesul, clatitele, placintele taranesti, coltunasii (am incercat recent reteta ta), puiul fript cu cartofi prajiti si mazare verde, sosul de rosii, smantana autentica si cel mai mult painea de casa facuta in cuptorul din curte, la bunica de la tara.

Dar si ciresele mancate direct din pom, prunele,perele, corcodusele, murele, fragutele, afinele…rosiile din gradina, asa calde de la soare, porumbul fiert.

Dintre retetele tale cel mai mult si mai mult imi place Chocolate lava, e-o nebunie :-))

Multumesc si sper sa ti se refaca papilele gustative, ai dreptate, viata nu prea are gust fara ele….

nu-i atât de gravă problema, sunt deja la 90%din capacitate :)

Orice ar fi, aroma sa aiba :) M-am indragostit de aromele orientale (specific ale Orientului Mijlociu), avand sansa de a petrece o perioada buna de timp la studii in Siria. Aroma za’atar-ului pe lipia aburinda, proaspat scoasa din cuptorul cu lemne, putin crocanta si dulceaga, aroma cardamonului in cafeaua de dimineata, chimionul presarat peste foul si hummus-ul cel mai gustos, baba ghanouj-ul cu sos de rodii si nuca, vinetele umplute cu pasta de nuci si ardei iute, conservate in ulei de masline, sosul de usturoi inmiresmat (daaaa, Foca are perfecta dreptate, ce me-am face cu gustul daca n-ar fi si miros? :) ) si tufele generoase de patrunjel, menta si alte „furaje” (yammi!) care acompaniau orice masa. Dar nu ma dau deoparte nici de la o branza de burduf cu miros usor intepator cu mamaliguta aburinda sau niste branzica inobilata cu mucegai alaturi de niste struguri albi sau mere verzi, cu un pahar de vin ) Sau o telemea de vaca usor sarata cu niste dulceata de capsuni, deh, gusturile nu se discuta, nu? : P
Sanatate sa aveti si sa va inconjoare mereu mirosuri imbietoare si gusturi aromate!

să fii sănătoasă, mulțumesc pentru răspuns.

Eu in ultimii ani mi-am reeducat gusturile, eliminand e-urile din alimentatia mea si descoperind condimentele si ierburile aromatice, altele decat cele cateva folosite de mama si bunica.
Acum pentru mine mancare gustoasa inseamna ingrediente de calitate, fara sa fie gatite excesiv si cu arome subtile date de condimente si ierburi, dar fara sa acopere gustul ingredientelor de baza.

Am uitat ceva – ce gust are dragostea?
Cred ca de fructe proaspat culese, vin fiert cu felii de fructe in el, ciocolata calda, paine calda…si asa mai departe.

În funcţie de dispoziţie simt în palatin anumite gusturi car îmi trezesc pofte. Atunci mă duc în bucătărie şi gătesc. Evoc stări, traduc amintiri, încropesc senzaţii. Bucuria mâncatului e una trecătoare dar stabilă. Senzaţiile gustative sunt un rai încă ne-explorat, sublim dar empiric. Oamenii ca mine ar trebui ucişi ei sunt o frână în calea dezvoltării societăţii umane şi a progresului tehnico-ştiinţific. Bah! Ce tâmpenie, dar e adevărat.

nu cred:) cred că din contră. mulțumesc:).

cum imi plac asa de multe lucruri am sa trec cateva de care nu pot sa ma despart:

din copilarie? paine proaspata cu untura si ceapa verde , rosii si slanina afumata,oua bine prajite cu galbenus moale,mamaliga cu branza , carne proaspata de porc cu muraturi si compot de prune rece, paine cu unt si dulceata de gutui,ciorba de fasole cu ceapa rosie , friptura de iepure cu 2 garnituri, multa carne de vanat , ghiveciul facut de bunica cu toate legumele din gradina si orezul bine gatit , cozonacii cu nuca in forma de lut , ……

azi nu pot renunta , la o mancare chinezeasca buna , vita iute cu ardei si castravete , porc cu alune , pui beijing , coltunasi picanti , rata peking duck , o lipie plina de carne si sosuri mancata la un turc in urma cu multi ani, niste carnati subtiri pe gratar tot la un turc in Constanta prin 1993 , caracatita la gratar in Grecia , un Gyros cu 2 Amstel reci in Nea Vrasna, tot ce e facut in ceaun la foc mic si plin de arome , … multe alte bunatati ! salutari Adi si spor la treaba in 2012!

Interesanta tema .. si o provocare pentru o gurmanda ca mine :P

Mancare gustoasa = gustul bun il da, cred eu o proportie justa ingrediente si arome / condimente. Cred ca asta este ceva ce nu se poate invata si tine de talentul „bucatarului” De asta aceeasi reteta poate sa fie gatita minunat sau execrabil.

Gustul care ma incanta cel mai mult = este un gust combinat cu o aroma si este specifica bucatariei italienesti. Este gustul abia simtit de usturoi un pic calit in ulei de masline pe care il regasesti in pastele cu fructe de mare proaspete, de exemplu. Sau crevetii trasi in unt si usturoi .. Cred ca este unul dintre cele mai apetisante gusturi si mirosuri. Pe locul doi vin cartofii la cuptor cu usturoi si rozmarin. Da, cred ca pot spune ca gustul (neaparat subtil, si nu gen mujdei) de usturoi mi se pare cel mai apetisant. La dulciuri – gustul de vanilie rulz :)

Da, clar – mancarurile simple romanesti ma intorc in copilarie atunci cand le fac si cand le mananc.

Dragostea are gust de scoici in sos de vin, sampanie, ciocolata, capsuni, bezea. Ia uiteee – pana sa scriu aici, nu am realizat cu ce gusturi asociez eu dragostea :)

Gustul este foarte important cand fac o alegere. Nu pot sa mananc doar ca sa bag ceva in stomac. E atat de important incat daca am in fata o mancare ce nu-mi place, prefer sa mor de foame.

Sa ai un an bun, Adi Hadean, si sa ne bucuri in continuare cu lucrurile grozave pe care le faci!

Ce înseamnă pentru tine “mâncare gustoasă”?
De la mirosul mancarii pana la prezentarea pe farfurie, eu cred ca mancarea nu are acelasi gust daca nu este servita in vesela care trebuie, vinul parca nu are gust de vin, daca nu este in paharul potrivit (probabil, este doar o impresie a mea). Mancarea gustoasa este, pentru minbe, cea care miroase bine al naibii, dar si in care sa regasesc gustul a ceea ce miros.

Care-i gustul care te încântă cel mai mult?
Caramelul dupa reteta ta, pe care sotul meu l-a descris „dumnezeiesc” (sa stii, ca mi-a iesit a doua oara :D, chiar si a treia oara)

Există gusturi care te transportă, te duc înapoi în copilărie sau în locuri care ți-au plăcut?
Dulcele as spune: cozonacii framantati de mama in albiuta de lemn, la 12 noaptea, lasati la crescut, de ajungeau sa fie 12-13 la numar. Ii mancam calzi, rupeam din ei cum ii scotea din cuptor. Si, sunt convinsa ca exista si prajituri mai bune, dar mie mi-a ramas in cap prajitura cu foi cu suc de rosii :).Si ca usor sarat, placinta cu varza murata, dementiala.

Ce gust are dragostea (știu că aici mă întind dar nu cred că strică să încerc)?
Hmm, nu as putea spune, dar o asociez impreuna cu sotul meu, branza cu mucegai de orice fel, crackersi cu rozmarin, un roze, poate cateva boabe de struguri sau cu friptura de vita care ti se topeste in gura si un vin bun.

Cât de important e gustul atunci când faci o alegere?
Foarte important, daca nu iti gusta bine din prima clipa, nu cred ca merita efortul de a manca.

Mâncare gustoasă= arome, arome, arome. Deci, condimente. Nu contează aşa mult carnea de bază sau leguma, cât direcţia în care o „împingem” folosind un fel sau altul de ierburi, seminţe şi alte componente aromate. Pătrunjelul e fratele meu bun, nucşoara o pun deopotrivă în dulce sau sărat, menta e regină, busuiocul prinţ. Mă încântă gusturile contrastante: pate de ficat cu dulceaţă de căpşuni, brânza cu mucegai lângă strugurii roze, prosciuto şi pepene galben, cartofii pai cu îngheţata de vanilie, etc. Copilăria are gust de gris cu lapte şi silvoiz, pâine prăjită frecată cu usturoi şi unsă cu untură, slană afumată cu roşii proaspete şi pâine din cuptor, palanieţ (nu l-am mai regăsit niciodată), agrişe, etc. Dragostea are gustul şampaniei. Cât de important e gustul când faci o alegere? …Apăi, este! Dat fiind că, aşa cum spune un coleg „tot ce are gust bun conţine mulţi carbohidraţi”, aleg mai degrabă ce e sănătos decât gustos. Deşi, există şi combinaţii fericite pe ici, pe colo )

Ce înseamnă pentru tine “mâncare gustoasă”? Cand ma gandesc la mancare gustoasa imi vine in minte supa de galuste a mamei mele pe care o reusesc doar cu pui de tara, ciorba de curcan cu taitzei si bors acru tot de tara…ca deh’ toate de la tara sunt mai sanatoase si gustoase.
Q: Care-i gustul care te încântă cel mai mult? Papilele mele gustative adora gustul iaurtului si gustul cafelei…ma bucur de o cafea ca si cum ar fi ultima iar ultima gura e cea mai buna.
Există gusturi care te transportă, te duc înapoi în copilărie sau în locuri care ți-au plăcut?
Da, imi aduc aminte cu placere de colorezii cu lapte pe care ii facea mamaia…nici acum nu inteleg cum ne’a putut incanta si marca pe viata, pe mine si pe ceilalti 19 veri primari, atat de mult o chestie atat de simpla, dulcele pe care ni’l facea ea continea doar apa stropita in faina ca sa se faca niste mici cocoloase,zahar si lapte, care de cele mai multe ori era de capra…nu tocmai placut as spune acum dar atunci era vissss.
Sau cealalta mamaie ne facea cocoloashe din floricele de porumb pe care le modela in palme cu zahar topit…doar pt Mos Ajun si asta cred ca trebuie sa fie explicatia pt care avea atatia colindatori.
Ce gust are dragostea?
Oh, aici e mai complicat de raspuns…Pt mine dragostea e un amestec de emotii, fluturi si atingeri.

Nici mie nu imi place senzatia de „limba moarta” in care nu mai simt gustul mancarii. Asa se intampla si cand sunt racita si de aceea mi-e foame mereu. Oricat de mult as manca, daca nu simt gustul e ca si cum n-as manca deloc.
Pentru mine “mâncare gustoasă” inseamna sa fie aromata, condimentata, proaspata, sa simt ca legumele sunt crocante (nu-mi prea plac cele fierte), carnea frageda si neaparat un sos. Un fel de mancare preferat asa ar fi, carne de vita sau curcan cu o garnitura de legume sau orez si 2-3 sosuri.
Gustul care ma incanta foarte mult este dulce-acrisor. este combinatia perfecta cred la mancare.
Scortisoara mereu ma trimite inapoi in timp, la vremurile cand erma copil si mancam orez cu lapte si scortisoara. Cel mai mult imi amintesc de dulciurile mancate in copilarie, nu mancarea. Ciudat.
Dragostea e cand dulce, cand acrisoara. Sa nu ti se aplece. :)
Gustul este foarte important cand fac o alegere. Conteaza foarte mult ce mananc.

Hello! Si eu ma consider o gurmanda, pentru care gustul e foarte important. Am nimerit foarte recent aici, pe acest blog, si am hotarat sa dau urmatoarele raspunsuri:

– mancare gustoasa – greu de definit in orice caz, ma gandesc imediat la ceva bine sarat, bine copt, care neaparat sa contina si cel putin un fel de legume fara prea multe arome suplimentare (nu imi plac condimentele, ierburile)

– gustul care ma incanta cel mai mult este cel al ciocolatei, nu cred ca poate exista pe lume ceva mai bun, de la torturi cu ciocolata neagra, sacher, la ciocolata cu violete, pere in ciocolata, pana la finele trufe/bomboane belgiene, bomboane simple, cu alune, fistic, nuci de pecan, martipan, praline sau nu, inghetata cu ciocolata neagra….o incantare! Totusi, nu as putea sa imi imaginez lumea fara mancare sarata din aceasta categorie, aleg zacusca facuta in casa, salata de vinete, gratarul uscat (chiar spre ars) cu salata de varza rosie, riscovii pe gratar cu putin cascaval, afumaturile (sunculite, carnaciori, pui), pestele fript cu mamaliga si mujdei, pizza cu ton si ceapa (fara sos de rosii), pui cu somon si sos de somon, cartofi copti cu un pic de bacon si usturoi, ardei umpluti facuti de matusa-mea, varza uscata la cuptor…Astea ar fi in top! Mancarea care m-a surprins cel mai mult a fost frigaruie de caracatita cu legume, totul dat printr-un fel de sos cu bucati extrem de mici de usturoi, facuta de un nene italian undeva in Giurgiu!

– gusturi care imi amintesc clar de mese la bunica-mea, in copilarie: oua „in tigaie” (amestecate) cu muschiulet de porc scos de la borcanul din camara, sau cu jumari, servit cu varza acra si zeama de varza, fasole cu carnaciori, cu praz alaturi sau ceapa verde, cacao cu lapte, aroma de paine coapta in casa, aroma de caise, care se strangeau pentru gem/compot sau tuica tot din copilarie: compot de gutui, combinatie de gust de salata de vinete pe paine si apoi cartofi prajiti cu salata de rosii, facute de mama, miros de ardei prajit si, din copilaria foarte timpurie, aroma inconfundabila de piersici zemoase….Gustul care imi aduce aminte de munte, lemn, fum, cabane, este gustul celei mai bune ciorbe mancate vreodata, la cota 2000, ciorba de porc pe care nu am mai intalnit-o nicaieri, oricat as fi cautat-o! Plus o zacusca de ciuperci! Si zmeura si afinele de pe cararile muntelui… Nu in ultimul rand, gustul unic al prajiturii alba-ca-zapada (cu variantele lamaie, ciocolata, fistic, tavi intregi) facuta de vara-mea in copilarie…

– dragostea are gust de capsuni date prin ciocolata, urmand dupa o ciocolata cu pepperoncino (facem o exceptie aici) :))

– gustul e deosebit de important cand fac o alegere, mai ales daca repet alegerea, adica daca am mai mancat produsul respectiv. Daca e ceva nou, atunci e foarte importanta si imaginea. Spre exemplu, chiar daca imi place ciocolata, nu ma imbie prea mult un tort clasic facut de o gosdpodina clasica, ornat clasic, in graba si fara prea multa imaginatie. Apreciez efortul, dar prefer ceva decorat cu atentie si migala sau decorat mai „raw studiat”, ca sa zicem asa. Deci, in concluzie, la produse noi, vital gustul, dar musai si imagine placuta. La cele foarte cunoscute si preferate, aspectul e inlocuit, ca procente de importanta, de gust aproape 100%.

Cand zic mancare gustoasa imi imaginez deja cum arata, ii simt mirosul placut, aburind si simt cum mi se topeste in gura. Nu are un gust anume, adica sarat, dulce, acru etc. (cateodata nici nu sunt capabila sa fac o diferenta intre ele) , dar simt cum imi incanta deopotriva toate simturile.
Din copilarie cel mai mult ma urmaresc placintele dospite ale bunicii, facute in cantitatii industriale pentru tot blocul si noi toti copiii ingramadindu-ne la lighean :)…Hmm , mi-e dor de ele.
Iar gustul dragostei se identifica cu bucataria franceza, cu arome fine.


In 23 Aprilie am pregatit o masa de post .Nu stiu daca pentru pachetele am idee pentru ca eu am avut parastasul acasa,si aici este obiceiul ca dupa masa propriu-zisa,la plecarea acasa sa-i dau omului si o farfurie cu mancare in ea.
Pentru ca am dorit sa ies din clasicul meniu de post cu sarmale si fasole batuta,iti scriu ce am pregatit eu.Poate iti va folosi si tie.

Pentru aperitive: 1.amestec mexican cu maioneza de post( si amestecuol si maioneza le-am cumparat de la Metro).
2. pate de post( cumparat de la METRO).
3. branza de soia
4. pasta de branza de soia frecata cu margarina,boia si putina ceapa tocata.
5. salata de vinete
Felul II.
Conopida la cuptor cu margarina si pesmet.
felul III.
Ciuperci umplute.
Ca prajituri am pregatit o negresa ce post si o prajitura cu foi si crema de rahat si bineinteles coliva.
Iar pentru farfuriile pe care le-am impartit am pregatit piue de cartofi si snitele de soia.
O idee ai fi ca in pachetelele pe care vrei sa le faci sa pui snitele de soia,sau in functie de banii pe care esti dispusa sa-i cheltui poti pune o cutiuta cu pate de soia, cu drob de soia.Exista si crenwursti vegetali.
Daca vrei sa-ti mai spun ceva intreaba-ma si cu draga inima iti spun.


#6 Claudia

Annita, pune te rog reteta de falafel, ma intereseaza pe mine. Am mincat odata la un restaurant armenian si mi-a placut tare mult, as vrea sa incerc sa fac si acasa.

#7 Sleepy

#8 Isabela

#9 Yandira

Fetelor,d aca tot santeti la tema asta , poate dati si reteta de coliva. Uite ca eu a trebuit sa fac aici un pasastas pentru parintii mei, si. am inventat. Habar nu aveam de nimic. Coliva cred ca mancasem de doua ori in viata caci mamei mele nu ii placea sa merg cu ea la inmormantari. Si doar ce am mancat la biserica. Asa ca am facut o coliva inventata din boabe de grau fierte in lapte si am pus bomboane colorate, doamne ce o fi fost ? Parca era un terci. Si apoi cum nu e obiceiul sa dai de pomana, nu prea primeau incantati Caci m-am dus la biserica catolica sa dau pomana, caci nu aveam pe atunci o biserica ortodoxa. Cred ca poate multe dintre cele care traiesc afara din tara ar trebui sa stie sa faca o coliva. Sa dea Dzeu sa nu fie nevoie la nimeni, dar.

Deci, cine stie o reteta buna de coliva?

#10 Danna

  • Gender: Female
  • Location: Bucuresti
  • Interests: literatura, pescuitul, animalele - in special cainii

Si eu am fost nevoita sa fac parastas pentru tatal meu. A trebuit sa invat pentru ca nu stiam nimic despre ritualurile care trebuiesc urmate si despre parastas.
Iti scriu reteta de coliva pe care o fac eu.
500 g grau decorticat sau arpacas, 375 g zahar, 250 g nuci curatate, vanilie, coaja rasa de lamaie, o cana si jumatate pesmet din paine alba sau biscuiti (daca se face in in zile de post), zahar pudra, 1 lingurita rasa cu sare, putina cacao, bomboane pentru ornat coliva.

Se curata graul de corpurile straine si se spala in mai multe ape.
Se pune graul intr-o oala mai mare, peste care se toarna apa, ca sa acopere boabele de grau cam de un lat de palma si se fierbe cel putin o ora. Din cand in cand se amesteca ca sa nu se prinda.
Cand graul este fiert, se da oala de pe foc si se acopera cu un servet curat, apoi se inveleste cu o patura, ca sa-si mentina caldura cat mai mult timp.
Dupa aproximativ 5 ore, se adauga zaharul si se fierbe din nou, pana se leaga. Trebuie amestecat ca sa nu se lipeasca. Dupa ce este legata compozitia, se ia vasul de pe foc, se lasa descoperit, pana s-a racit. Apoi se poate tine acoperita in frigider pana se doreste finisarea colivei.
Se inlatura coaja care s-a format, se adauga sarea, vanilia, coaja rasa de lamaie si nucile taiate fin cu cutitul, pisate sau macinate – dupa preferinta. Se amesteca usor toate ingredientele pana se omogenizeaza.
Compozitia se aseaza pe un platou si se modeleaza uniform. Deasupra ei se cerne pesmetul, apoi un strat uniform de zahar pudra (care sa acopere pesmetul).
Pentru ornat se poate folosi un sablon facut din carton care sa reprezinte o cruce, peste care se cerne putina cacao. Se pot folosi diverse bomboane - drageuri, migdale trase in zahar si altele, in functie de preferinta si inspiratie.

Mămăliguță cu urdă și mărar

Mămăliguță cu urdă și mărar, un delicios preparat românesc prezentat într-o formă modernă, pentru a bucura pe cei din familie,în special pe cei mici.
În bucătărie, mărarul e bun în sosuri albe, gen Bechamel, folosite la asezonarea chifteluțelor, peștelui și cărnii de pui gătite sub orice formă mâncăruri cu legume verzi: dovlecei, fasole verde, sparanghel, spanac sosuri pe bază de iaurt, gen tzatziki sosuri de roșii sau de tomate și ardei, care acompaniază fripturile de vită, pui sau peștele borșul de legume sau în ciorba de fasole boabe.
Semințele de mărar pot fi întrebuințate la: asezonarea aluaturilor pentru pâine sau aperitive dressinguri mai aromate condimentarea marinadelor, peștelui sau fripturilor presărate deasupra porțiilor de supe sau supe-creme la murături, adesea împreună cu floarea și tulpinile uscate.
În Evul Mediu, mărarul era întrebuințat ca protector împotriva vrăjitoriilor și blestemelor, iar în texte egiptene de acum 3000 de ani este menționat mărarul.

Photo: Mămăliguță cu urdă și mărar &ndash Arhivă City Publishing SRL

& Icirc & # 539i must:
300 g mălai
1 l apă
500 g urdă proaspătă
100 ml smântână
1 legătură ceapă verde
1 legătură mărar verde
100 g margarine & # 259
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Freci 50 g margarină cu urda, sare și cu smântâna până ce obții un amestec omogen.
Pui apa la fiert cu puțină sare și adaugi treptat mălaiul pentru a face o mămăligă potrivit de tare. Ungi cu restul de margarină un vas, apoi așezi un strat de mămăligă. Peste acesta așezi un strat de amestec de urdă și deasupra presari mărar și ceapă verde tocate.
Repeți straturile până ce se termină ingredientele. Ultimul strat trebuie să fie de urdă și de verdețuri.

SFAT: Pentru a putea întinde mămăliga în strat subțire este de prefarat să înmoi lingura în margarină topită sau în ulei.

Pregătire: 30 minute Fierbere: 25 minute
Rețetă de Clementina Cojan, com. Braniștea, jud. Bistrița-Năsăud

Video: How to Make New England Baked Beans (May 2022).


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